Starting Your Own iPhone Repair Business

Who Are We Exactly?

We’ve started Green Profit with one goal in mind – show you how easy it is to help the environment and make a bit of extra money repairing peoples favorite mobile devices. From iPad’s to iPhone’s and laptops, people are constantly breaking them and in need of a quality, affordable repair solution that gives them the ultimate peace of mind. Being knowledgeable about these types of common repairs and having the skills to pull them off without a big problem will definitely give you an edge on the local competition and the ability to build a nice little side income.

What Types of Repairs Can I Learn?

We’ve done our best to compile a large list of tutorials, ranging from screen repair down to the nitty gritty of diagnosing a totally unresponsive phone. From our experiences running cell phone and tablet repair services in Tampa/Clearwater most customers will have a damaged LCD display and need that entire front screen replaced. We have a tutorial for that, and can recommend others that do as well. It certainly isn’t as hard as it looks.  Something like a battery replacement takes no more than 20 minutes, and is in constant demand. iPhone 4S and 5 batteries notoriously suck and cannot last an entire day after only a year of use.

Cell Phone Repairs Are An Evergreen Industry

What started as a dorm room side hustle has exploded for many young professionals into a full time burgeoning business. You’d be surprised how many people have broken their iPhone or iPad screens multiple times in one year and need them fixed in a hurry. By positioning yourself as a skilled repair technicians in the Tampa area like we did and with fair and transparent repair pricing, you can either use it as a supplementary side income gig, or even try it full time. Many people aggressively expand and leverage online marketing to get their cell phone and tablet repair business making them six figures a year and then often exit.

Finding quality parts is a challenge these days since tons of knock off, low quality screens are being sold online, but if you can get past the initial logistical hurdles, you can certainly use this industry – and our blog – as a starting industry to something amazing!



Simple iPhone Repair Tips

No matter how carefully you handle your iPhone, mistakes happen. This is something that is simply unavoidable. While you can try to protect your device as much as possible with heavy cases, things happen. The good news is generally there is a lot that you can do if you want to try to repair your phone. In this article, we will be going over some of the top iPhone repair tips.

iPhone Repair Tips:

1. Replace The Battery.

A lot of the times, your phone’s battery is simply going to die. While batteries are meant to last a while, they are not going to last forever. If your battery dies, simply replace it.

2. Check The Charging Port.

Overtime, you may loosen the charging port and cause wires to not connect correctly. Because of this, you are going to want to make sure that your phone is charging all of the time by looking at the indicator.

3. Cool It Down.

If you notice that your phone isn’t turning on, try cooling it down. Sometimes, your iPhone will get overheated because of either a software or hardware problem. This does not necessarily mean that it needs to be professional repaired. If cooling it down works, your phone is likely good to go.

4. Use Rice.

If you happen to get your iPhone wet, you are definitely in trouble. The fact is, the iPhone was not designed to get wet. Because of this, you could end up causing a serious amount of damage on your iPhone. The good news is there is a rice method that works. However, you will need good luck and patience. With the rice method, simply put the wet phone in a bucket of rice and hope for the best. The rice sucks out the moisture and it should dry out your phone.

5. Screen Repair.

If something happens to the screen of your iPhone, there are screens that you can replace it with. If you want to go this route, you could either try to do it yourself with various tutorials and websites or you could simply look for a local repair shop to do it for you.

6. Apple Store.

The good thing about the Apple Store is the fact that it is full of Apple technicians. Therefore, if you are having any kind of issues with your phone and/or something that you want to talk about, you are going to be able to do so with the employees at the Apple Store. They will generally be able to provide you with great advice on repairs and they will even be able to repair it for you. Even better, if your phone is under warranty, you might even be able to get it repaired for free or for cheaper than you would be able to elsewhere.

As you can see, there are plenty of different things that you can do to avoid having to get your iPhone fixed by a professional and if your iPhone does need to be fixed, you have plenty of places to choose from.

For expert iPhone repair in Madison WI these experts are the best choice I’ve found nearest to me as a Madison cell phone repair option.…

Fastest iPhone Repair in Montreal, QC

By far the fastest and easiest way for someone in the Montreal or Laval area to get their broken iPhone or iPad repaired is to bring it to a third party cell phone repair shop. While this may seem counter-intuitive considering the lack of officially sanctioned warranty, this blog post will explain why it is actually more efficient, more cost effective and all around a better experience.

First, you certainly are entitled to a replacement phone if you’ve cracked your iPhone 5 screen and are in the Montreal area, but there are certain restrictions. For example, if you hadn’t opted to purchase the up-sell Apple Care warrany through your carrier, you simply CANNOT get a replacement iPhone if you have any hardware issues, including a cracked LCD screen. Further, even if you do have the warranty, it does take 24-48 hours to get a refurbished iPhone in the mail – so those of you who need an immediate solution are simply out of luck.

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Same Day iPhone Screen Repair in Montreal, QC

With that said, if you are not in that much of a rush this is a great value – the warranty is offered at $99 and you actually get TWO replacement phones out of it, which is excellent. However the surge of third party iPhone repair in recent years has been the more favourable option for those that depend heavily on their phone and need a quick fix the same day. Local Montreal iPhone repair shops can get your battery, screen and even smaller issues such as the speakerphone fixed within a couple hours. Replacement parts of sufficient quality have become more available and more cost effective for local businesses to offer to consumers with broken phone screens.

With that said, while you can get your phone fixed super fast in Montreal there is certainly a quality gap, and the responsibility is on you to make sure you can get a good quality screen installed with sufficient warranty. Cheaper screens are usually super cheap (relatively speaking) and are offered with little to no after-service warranty. In our experience the best thing to look for an established iPhone repair company in Montreal with at least a 60 day warranty on all work.…

Fix Your Cracked iPhone Screen In Ann Arbor

iPhone repair is growing exponentially, mainly due to the need for a same day, affordable and convenient solution to the all too common cracked or broken iPhone screen. Further, this is mainly an expanding service due to the absence of any timely support from Apple themselves. Even if you’ve splurged and got the Apple Care warranty this only covers two replacement devices, which may seem like it’s a decent deal but again – this is a replacement device that takes one day to arrive and your data is your responsibility to back up. If you’ve dropped your phone partying downtown Atlanta and need it fixed right away your solutions are going to be limited to the many third party cell phone repair shops. Are these safe and what can they do for you if your looking down at a cracked iPhone screen? We’ll cover that in today’s post.

The best option is of course to get the official extended Apple Warranty which gets you two complete replacements delivered to your door within 24 hours. Cracked screen, small hardware problems, WiFi signal weak – all this can be exchanged for a refurbished device within a pretty reasonable time frame, and it is of course all covered by Apple. If you have already used by your two replacements or need a quicker, more affordable or convenient solution in Atlanta, that is where third party cell phone repair services come in. OEM replacement parts of various quality are available to almost everyone online through popular sites like Amazon, Ebay and cellular specific retailers like iFixIt. This means your average PC, laptop or repair shop has been expanding over time to services the need of people who need same day repair of their broken or cracked iPhone. The truth is, getting your device fixed so it works again, sooner and faster has only become easier to do as demand has increased. The average cracked iPhone screen repair costs just over $100 and takes about an hour in most cases. Your responsibility though is to separate the low quality suppliers from the ones you can trust to take apart and put together your device again.


Atlanta iPhone Repair Options

Buying the extended Apple Care warranty at the Atlanta Apple store seemed like another expensive upsell – until you dropped your brand new iPhone 5 getting out of your car and cracked the front display. Or left it out in the rain. Or maybe you’re just a klutz. Either way you now have a broken iPhone, no warranty and need it for work/play/time wasting and want it fixed ASAP. We’ve summarized your options, especially if you’re in the Kingston, Ontario area.

Official Apple Repair: If you want the safest service and don’t mind waiting, Apple will simply sell you an existing official refurbished device for a discount. This doesn’t fix your iPhone in any way, they just give you a totally different phone that has no problems and it becomes your responsibility to move over all your music, photos, and contacts. On the bright side, you get two of these types of replacements with the standard Apple extended warranty, so you’re covered. Same day repair service – view website for more information and to book your repair appointment.

Third Party Repair: Local shops that normally fix PC, laptop and other electronics have branched out into the iPhone and iPad repair space. Not everyone has days to wait to get their device fixed, and even if you did get the above warranty from Apple that doesn’t always cover issues like water damage or extensive physical damage. In these cases finding a quality third party that can turn your broken iPhone around within a few hours – and do it without causing further damage – would be your best bet. Make sure you vet all the Atlanta area shops you

DIY Repair: Feeling brave enough? Fixing your own screen isn’t hard if you have the time and patience to learn. There are tons of tutorials on YouTube and online to repair anything from a broken screen to charging port issues and even small parts like microphones and speakers which can give out over years of wear and tear.

With new devices constantly popping up especially in the case of iPhone’s and iPod’s it can be tempting to just upgrade your phone for the next faster and shinier model, but if damage is minimal you can actually extend the lifespan of your device quite a bit. Changing batteries, charging issues and of course a cracked or unresponsive touch display. are all pretty simple repairs and can be done for $100 at most in the Atlanta area.…

Fast Fixes For Your Broken iPhone Screen

If you’ve dropped your iPhone or iPad recently, you know the inconvenience having a cracked screen can have on your daily productivity and life. The classic spider web look on your front iPhone display is more and more common these days in Tallahassee, FL even for average users. As more and more consumers switch over to the iconic iPhone, demand for an affordable screen repair solution has exploded and been met with a third party solution. Apple is notorious for making sure their devices are not upgradable or repairable outside your nearest retail location but this has changed in recent years. OEM replacement components for the most popular issues such as screens, batteries and charging ports have become available and affordable for almost everyone. Small scale PC repair shops and even entrepreneurs with technical expertise are offering smartphone repair services not only for iPhone devices but also for popular Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy.

Fast iPhone Screen Repair Options In Tallahassee, FL

Of course purchasing the Apple Care warranty is your first line of defence, but that only covers one device replacement – not even fixing it. You’ll have to move over all your data, pictures, music and contacts. As an alternative, a business specializing in iPhone repair can fix small issues like a cracked or blemished screen in as little as 1 hour and have you on your way. Of course you are voiding your official Apple warranty with these services, so make sure you do a sufficient amount of research to qualify the shop in Tallahassee you go to. Using low quality suppliers may save you $10-20 upfront, but they can cost you in the future if they break easier. From our experience, established cell phone repair franchises will do the leg work to find a suitable supplier that stands the test of time, so opt for those in the place of smaller shops. In either case a suitable warranty is within the 30-90 day range, since if something is going to appear as defective, it will certainly happen within that time frame, so simply make sure you have the support from the shop if it does happen.…

Third Party iPhone and iPad Repair Options

For anyone that has had their iPhone for even a few months knows, it can be incredibly easy to use and makes your average day much more convenient. However once basic functionality like the screen, ability to charge or even turn on and off are not working you’re going to instantly want to find a solution from an iPhone repair business in Charlotte, NC. Most people will go straight to the nearest Apple Retail location, however Apple has a history of not being very helpful in terms of fixing cosmetic or minor functional issues though, so you may be pushed to upgrade to a newer model of iPhone. In certain cases this may be a cost effective solution (think extensive physical or moisture damage) but for broken or cracked iPhone 5 screens, charging problems, or cosmetic damage to the housing, you are better off considering third party iPhone repair businesses in Charlotte.

How Fast Can My Broken iPhone Screen Be Replaced in Charlotte, NC?

Easily the most common repair people have concerns with is the replacement of a broken, cracked or unresponsive front display on any generation iPhone – 3,4,5 or even the new 6. While Apple has made improvements on the quality and durability of the glass overlay used on their devices if you end up dropping your device at the wrong angle on the wrong surface you’re going to crack the front display (if not smash it entirely). The good news is since this is such a common occurrence, local repair shops that specialize in similar services (laptop or PC repair) have begun offering iPhone screen repair. OEM replacement parts of sufficient quality have become more available and affordable to companies here in the United States which means you can get a high quality replacement screen for your iPhone installed the same day (usually within an hour). The focus has shifted to making the repair process as convenient and affordable as possible, so tons of local Charlotte businesses are boasting quick turnaround times, extensive and comforting warranties as well as on-site service. While convenience is  a great selling point for fixing your broken iPhone, iPad or iPod, we would stress the warranty above it. Defective and low quality components are a problem, and you’ll want to be protected by that if at all possible for the longest time after the actual service has been performed.

Green Solutions For Broken Laptops

Most people only expect their PC or laptop investments to last a few years. You likely got one when you were in university, then upgraded when you could afford a better one once you graduated. Depending on what you use your laptop for, you may want to consider investing in affordable Winnipeg PC repair services to prolong the lifespan of your machine. Cosmetic, software or light functional issues can actually be fixed for competitive rates and tend to be a better value for your dollar. What can and can’t be fixed? What’s worth fixing and when should you just invest in a new laptop and call it a day? Here are some common issues we’ve seen students and professionals have and the repair and IT solutions available.

Slow or Laggy PC / Laptop

Having problems with everyday programs or just general productivity? Programs not opening fast enough, or at all? This can be one of the most frustrating problems the average PC user can have, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to buy an entirely new laptop. Often times this is due to a malware infection or virus, and in most cases we can use special software to scan and remove the specific virus without impacting any important data you have on your laptop. Most PC repair companies in Winnipeg charge less than $100 and can have these type of issues sorted for you in a day or less. has some great prices on optimization packages and what not.

Broken Laptop Screens

Much like iPhone or Samsung screens, laptop or ultrabook screens can break and shatter causing you frustration and inconvenience. Most people at this point will look around for a new laptop deal, but this can in fact be fixed pretty easily. Most manufacturers use generic sized screens ranging from 13” all the way up to 17”. Screen replacements can be done for as little as $100-150. Of course do your research because installing a lower quality LCD digitizer will just break easier the next time you drop your knapsack or your laptop slips off your desk. Furthermore, since you are voiding your official warranty so if you dig yourself a deeper hole in terms of hardware issues, there will be not much support. HP and Dell do have official sanctioned warranty dealers in Winnipeg so make sure you take your broken laptop to the right business.

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